Friday, March 14, 2014

3 Basic Facts About The Human Body And Joint Pain


It’s not always that when you have joint pain it’s only due to arthritis. It can also be due to other reasons. Your body is a complicated machine that has lots of internal mechanism and internal work process. 

Let’s have a look over the 3 Basic Facts about the human body that can help you to get relief to your joint pain.

Fact 1: BONES goes where MUSCLES pull them:

This is quite understandable that bones don’t move on their own will.  They are just like an anchor that helps the muscles to perform their jobs. Thus if your muscles pain, you think that your internal bone joints are paining.

Fact 2: MUSCLES do what NERVES tell them to do:

Now you will ask how muscles do the work????. It’s the nerve you tell them to do the job. The nerves are responsible for each and every single action that you do. If nerve are traced along the muscles pathway properly your pain cause can be actually know and can help to free the pain.

Fact 3: JOINTS are made up of bones, muscles and soft-tissues:

Your soft tissue includes tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.  There will no tension and pressure on the soft tissue if the bone and muscles works properly.  Your soft tissue pains only when your bone, muscles and nerves are affected.


The pain in the joint can be just due to pain in your muscles. First try to think about the reason for the joints pain. If nothing improves in your condition and it is worsening day by day then you must consult a doctor.

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  1. I had ankle sprain and it took over 3 months to get recovered fully. I was really worried after 1 month when in morning time my ankles were stiff. Thanks to God that this was not arthritis it was normal pain, it just took time to get fully recovered.