Wednesday, May 7, 2014

10 May 2014 World Lupus Day-Around the Globe

Image: Purple For Lupus
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May 10 will be celebrated as World Lupus day for creating awareness among the people. Purple will be the color of the day. We all must joint and make that day-A day of awareness, A day of fighting against Lupus, A day to help and raise fund for Lupus sufferer.

You all must be knowing that Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects our immune system by attacking our healthy tissue. It can attack any part or our body like joints, heart, kidney, lungs and blood cells. It is mainly of 4 types: Systemic, Discoid, Drug-induced and Neonatal. The most common is systemic lupus erythematosus(SEL).

For creating awareness on May 10 what the countries around the world are doing. Just have look over few countries.

1. South America: Argentina

Association Lupus Argentina (ALUA) is going to hosting Medical Symposium with different Lupus patients, families, medical and social workers. They will be distributing free instructional brochures about the event and the illness. Location for this event is Buenos Aires - Argentina : - Auditorium of  Bank of Buenos Aires City.

2. North America: Canada

Here there are two major events on May 10

  • In Toronto,the CN Tower will be lit Red and White on May 10.
  • Niagara Falls Walk for Lupus will be held in Oakes Park on May 31, 2014.

3. Asia: Indonesia

On World Lupus Day 2014, Indonesia- Care for Lupus SDF (Syamsi Dhuha Foundation) is organizing several activities. The lists of activities are:

  • Research Sponsorship.
  • Writing Competition.
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards.
  • Launching a book title "Mentarimorfosa - 10 years Journey of SDF"
  • Lupus Awareness Campaign through social media.

4. Europe: 

In Cyprus: 

Here an interactive Workshop by the name-"WE HOLD OUR LIFE IN OUR HANDS" will be conducted. It will include Presentation, discussion and sharing of knowledge by Rheumatologist.

In Germany:

In Germany too workshop will be held to spread awareness among the people.

In Hungary: 

Lectures will be conducted to spread awareness about Lupus in WLD. Along   with taking a tour to Szeged with train and will also conduct some games like pools. Guest will be also offered by some sandwiches and refreshments.

In Ireland:

Lupus Group Ireland will be organizing an online campaign through FB & Twitter. You just need to share a lupus poster and one fact about it on your profile page & twitter accounts.

World is uniting on May 10!!!
Come and be a part of this!!
Learn and spread awareness about LUPUS.


  1. This is really a good efforts being taken on World Lupus day.

  2. I was also a part of that day!!! Felt good!!!

  3. I lived in South America, I will join the event.

  4. Lupus is such a mysterious disease. My daughter is suffering from Lupus; I along with my daughter will be joining.

  5. These organizations are doing something that will surely impact lupus awareness in a positive direction.

  6. I have donated on this day…. Because I lost my father who have Lupus from last 25 years. He died at the age of 56.

  7. Here, I want to say that they are also asking people to Put On Purple and spread awareness about Lupus.

  8. I will be making World Lupus Day logo as my FB wallpaper.

    1. Yes I too…make that change in my FB and twitter.

  9. I made a purple color band of that ribbon that I saw on net and wear it the whole day… and also made my complete family to wear that ribbon batch.

  10. I wore purple for myself, for my friends with lupus, and for those who have passed from this horrible disease.

  11. That was really good thought!!!

  12. Let's keep fighting this disgusting disease