Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Learn about Lupus Facts

What happens when your own immune system becomes hyperactive and starts working against your body system and attack your healthy tissue. This is what called an autoimmune disease -"Lupus".

Read here to know some facts about Lupus:

  • Lupus can damage your joints, your skin,
    Image: The systems affected by Lupus.
    Image Source: Google Serach
    your kidney and even your blood and lungs.
  • The most common type of lupus known is SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus). The other types are discoid, neonatal and drug-induced.
  • It is estimated by Lupus Foundation of America that 1.5 to 2 million Americans have some form of lupus!!! A serious concern!!!
  • To this estimation it's also said that women are diagnosed 9 times more often than men and lupus can affect women of any age weather she is 15 year old or 45 year old.
  • Lupus is not related to cancer or HIV.
  • Infection, medication or extreme sunlight exposures are the various risk factors of Lupus.
  • The exact cause of Lupus is not known till now.
  • It is believed by doctors that Lupus cause can be related to genetic and environmental factor.
  • Genetic factor can be related to DNA or genes you have or if you have a family history of Lupus.
  • Regarding the environmental factors the cause is very wide, it can be extreme exposure  to sunlight, infection from any virus such as Epstein-Barr or infection through chemical exposure.
  • The symptoms of Lupus are: bruising, headaches, fever, weight loss or gain, skin lesions, depression, chest pain, mouth ulcers, memory loss and blood clotting problems.
  • No cure for lupus of any type.

Only the symptoms of lupus can be treated with some prescribed drugs.

Although lupus can affect anybody what we can do is just we have to go for best treatment with a health care and follow what he says and change your life style accordingly.

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