Thursday, April 24, 2014

Can Blood test predict who will suffer from arthritis?

Fig: Blood test
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This statement can put a million dollar smile on the face of many arthritis patient who think that their condition would have been better if they were diagnosed earlier. British scientists has done this breakthrough .

This will make many to take preventative measures form the beginning if they are going to have arthritis in near future and will also save their money to go for joint replacements along with the giving them alert become coming.

It is estimated that more than 8 million people in UK have OA and to this estimation the treatment is only NSAIDs or artificial joints through surgery. All knows OA leads cartilage wear and tear, leading to pain and stiffness in joints.

To this a hopeful statement said by Dr. MohammedSharif, Senior Lecturer of Bristol University-“ We hope to find out whether they can reliably distinguish between a healthy person and a person with osteoarthritis, identify which patients’ condition will get worse, and whether a particular drug is working or not”

Arthritis Research UK has made a £300,000 charity to Dr. Sharif’s team to find out the biomarkers so that it can be used to diagnose the condition and take proper precaution at the beginning itself.

At present there is no single test that can make the diagnosis of osteoarthritis at an early stage. There is no cure for it that make can eliminate the OA from its root. NHS spends at least £5.2billion a year for treating arthritis conditions.

Hope this test comes soon so that OA get caught in time.


  1. Hope that this really comes to reality.

    1. Yes, I too want that this comes to reality ASAP.

  2. I read this news and it says it will take 5 years.

  3. I think that it’s just a long time people will forget this….people wants quick results.

  4. People suffering from arthritis will not forget…what they want is just the treatment and prays that their child must not have arthritis.

  5. Science will do this… Just hope 5 years after we have results into our hand, not another more 5 years to come with results.