Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A new Invention: Wrap-round pads

Yes!!! This is a new invention-"a wrap-round pad" helps to ease pain with the help of your own body heat.

Don't be surprised, it's really true!!!!

This warp-round pad is mad of a unique material that uses the infrared heat of your own body to ease joints pain. The heat generated is utilized to itself to ease your joint pain.

What is its Working?
Fig: Wrap-round pad.
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The working is that the wrap-pad uses the far infrared radiation (FIR) to create heat.  This FIR creates vibrations within human cells; it is basically a light wave. This warp contains a unique bioceramic compound that works without power or batteries. The mechanism is so maintained that the wrap starts the heat therapy to treat our paining joints with the bearable heat.

What is the use?

This can be used when you have any type of joint pain. You can wear it when you have any injuries, muscles stiffness or even have arthritis. It can be used for various kind of pain whether in knee, ankle, back, wrist, neck, elbow or shoulder. It is designed depends upon the type of pain you have. It has two fabric pads that make it easy to use and apply on any part of body. If you have headache, the solution is the wrap-pad they why to go for medicines!!!

What is the feedback?

To the surprise feedback has been overwhelmingly good. That means it is adapted by many people and they are happy with its result. The creator of this says that this finely ground bioceramic crystal wrap pad is compatible with the human body.

Is there any precaution?

No much!!! But said that the people with any type of skin allergies, high blood pressure or fever are not advice to use it. Plus pregnant ladies too don't go for this.

This patch or pad is said to worn up to four hours a day at starting and can be increased to eight hour later on when your body get used to four hours of use.


  1. I have OA, do this wrap will help me???

    1. Yes, I think that this pad will at least get you relief from the pain. But go for this when your doctor advice this to you. Consult first and then try this.

  2. I've tried massage, exercises, creams – but nothing worked for me. I’m now going to buy this.

  3. I have RA in my lower spine; I think this is cool if you have light pain not when you have arthritis of any kind and that to be on very critical stage.

  4. This sounds great and innovative.

  5. I want to buy this…. where do you buy the product this product.

    1. I think it will be soon available.