Saturday, January 30, 2016

6 Secrets You Should Know About Your Joints

Joints are very important in our bodies they are what allow us to make any movement and do activities. You should always care for your joints; causes of joint pains include arthritis, poor postures, aging, injuries and infection on the joints. Joint pain types such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis affect many adults especially as they age. Whether you have joint pain conditions or not you should learn ways to improve them and protect them. You should strive to improve your joints at all costs. The secrets you should know about your joints entail taking care of them .For good health of your joints you have to consider the following:

1. Exercise
Do you know avoiding exercises can bring you a whole hell of joint problems? When people fail to exercise, they are at high risk of joint pain problems. People with arthritis and those without should always consider exercising for the health of the joints. Slow heart rate can lead to swelling up of the joints. Some exercising will get the heartbeat rate up avoiding joint problems and improving the health of the joints.

Excess weight exposes one to high risk of joint related problems; it also debilitates the symptoms of joint pain conditions. Exercise helps cut some extra pounds to keep fit for the good health of our body and the joints. Workouts for promoting the good health of the joints include biking, water related exercises like swimming, yoga and stretching among others. Exercising can seem hard on the joints but that’s how they work, at first, it is always important to move with your pace. A personal trainer should be sought for guidance in exercises that will not result in any harm of the joints. There are exercises which can lead to injury of the joints especially for people with arthritis.

2. Healthy diet in favor of your joints
It is always about healthy diet. Your healthy diet plan should include food in that help you body to burn up the extra fats and add nutrients to the system. You should limit or eliminate food that can lead to unhealthy weight gain; this should be based on instructions from your dietitian. Excess weight gain has detrimental effects on the joints and the general body health. Try to take foods rich in sulfur which help joint pain issues, include some eggshell for good strength, elasticity and cartilage build up hence the good health of the joints. Spice your food with the turmeric powder which has significant anti-inflammatory properties. Some fish will be good for your joints as they contain omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids are good for preventing and reducing inflammation in the joints which could otherwise lead joint pain problems.

3. Ideal healthy weight
Do you know that many overweight people have joint problems? Our bodies can only handle ideal weight to maintain the health of the joints. Overweight exerts a lot of pressure on joints like in the hips, the back and the knees. Most people with joint pains suffer it on the knees. Maintaining a healthy weight is a good treat for your joints. Excessive weight causes the joints to wear and tear fast hence unable to perform their functions of supporting the bones.

4. Take care of your body to care for the joints
This is all about safety gears; they are meant to protect the body thereby protecting your joints. When carrying out activities that can lead to the harm of the knees, wrists and elbow consider wearing protective gears. Never do them without safety gears, one injury and it could lead to irreversible joint problems.

5. Good posture
It won’t harm you to sit and stand upright. Being upright helps protect your muscles and joints. Our bodies are designed in such a way that when you are standing or sit straight our muscles are in a good position from the neck to the knees. Most joint pains resulting from injuries are as a result of bad posture when doing various tasks. To ensure the health of the joints you should always be in a good posture so as to avoid straining the muscles and the joints.

6. Muscle strength to support joints
Muscles serve a great deal by supporting the joints. Joint pain types such as rheumatoid arthritis might result in weakening of the muscles. We need the muscle strength to support our body weight and for performing various tasks. Weak muscle causes a lot of stress on the body joints in the back, hips and the knees. Consider muscle building workouts like lifting of the weights. A trainer should take you through the exercises as doing it the wrong way might bring other problems.

Take an initiative to protect your joints always. With the above secrets on your fingertips, joint pain should never be such a great bother. But don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if joint pain becomes a real problem.


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