Monday, January 11, 2016

6 tips for traveling with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Traveling is wonderful. You get to see your friends and family or you may even be traveling to an exotic location. Although it can be extraordinary it can also be difficult. Whether you are traveling by car, plane, or train each come with a high amount of stress. You may have to deal with traffic, airport security, or the hassle of making it to your train before it departs without you. When you add dealing with arthritis traveling can be a pain. However, all hope is not lost. Even though the sign and symptoms of arthritis can vary from person to person there are some tips for traveling that are universal for arthritis. Continue reading for a few things that will help ease your journey when you are traveling.

1. Make sure you have packed all of your medication
This may sound like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many people leave their medication at home on accident. Much like forgetting to pack your toothbrush, it can be easy to forget your medication because you get so used to it being at home within your reach every day.  If you don’t have your medication with you, it will be a very uncomfortable trip. Before you start packing, you should make a checklist on a piece of paper, your tablet, or your phone. Just make sure you write down everything that you need, including your medication, and check it off as you pack it in your suitcase according to your sign and symptoms of arthritis.

2. Travel as lightly as you can
When you have arthritis packing well is a huge step to limiting the amount of discomfort that you experience on your trip. When you have arthritis any excess stress and weight that you put on your body will only serve to worsen your discomfort. You need to figure out how to cut down on the amount of things that take with you. Focus on the basic necessities first. Things that you absolutely cannot go without. After you have all of your basics down, then start adding in things that you just want in your suitcase. This will keep you from weighing down your suitcase and your body with things that you just don’t need. Plan out every outfit to the socks and the shoes that you will wear. You will be grateful for you light load when you are pulling your suitcase through the airport or train station, or when you are packing your trunk.

3. Stay hydrated
You may have heard people say that you need to make sure that you drink water in order to make up for the dry air on planes, but you should also ensure that you don’t become dehydrated because it can worsen your joint pain. When you travel you have so much going on and so many things that you are trying to juggle at once that you can easily forget to drink water. On top of that you may also be perspiring which can cause you to become dehydrated more easily.

4. Get up and move as much as you can manage
Two extremely common symptom of arthritis is stiffness and pain in the joints. Something that makes stiffness and pain more severe is stillness. If you are traveling in a car you could be sitting in the same position unable to stretch your legs out for hours at a time, especially if you are in the driver’s seat. If you are going on a road trip take frequent stops along the way at rest stops or attractions to give yourself the chance to stretch out your body. When you are on a plane or train you have a bit of flexibility and you should get up and walk around the cabin as long as it is safe for passengers to move about.

5. Don’t forget to exercise when you reach your destination
You shouldn’t forget to keep your body moving when you arrive at your destination. When you’re on vacation it can be easy to take a break from life and all of the things that you may not enjoy doing very much but staying active is a crucial part of limiting the amount of pain and discomfort that you experience from arthritis. It doesn’t matter if you don’t work out for as long as you do when you are at home. Just get some form of exercise, even if it’s just going on a walk to explore.

6. Try to travel during a less busy time
If you can travel when it isn’t so busy. Plan ahead and don’t leave things to the last minute. The less time that you spend on the road or at the airport or train station in lines the less stiff and achy you will be when you arrive at your destination.

In Conclusion
Traveling with arthritis doesn’t have to be a vexing ordeal. Take note of these easy tips before you hit the road on your next adventure!

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