Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Are You Obese? You Can Still Treat Arthritis Naturally

Managing joint pain is difficult, and even harder when one is obese. Luckily, even the obese can naturally reduce joint pain.

There are a lot of different health risks associated with being obese. Obvious issues include things like heart health, breathing difficulty, diabetes, and more. But the joint trouble is also a frequent problem, and arthritis that occurs in the obese can be severe. Instead of using synthetic drugs and other options to mask the issue, some natural steps can be used to control the joint pain experienced. Obesity is a big problem, and it's only made worse when mobility is limited by joint trouble.

Lose Weight– You probably knew this was going to be at the top of the list. The fact is that obesity puts a lot of additional strain on your joints. Lose weight, and your pain will usually decrease as well.

Maintain Sugar –
There's a strong connection between blood sugar levels and joint trouble, including arthritis. This is especially true for diabetics. Keep your sugar levels low and you'll reduce the pain.

Acupuncture– It surprises a lot of people, but there's a good bit of evidence suggesting that acupuncture can help reduce joint pain.

Supplements –
Start using a joint pain supplement with glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. It will help strengthen cartilage and boost joint health.

Change Your Diet –
Eliminate sodium, sugar, and fat from your diet. These foods all increase arthritic related joint pain.

Use Herbs –
Things like ginseng, ginger, devil's club, and black cohosh all help promote stronger joints. Think about adding herbal remedies to your day.

Increase EFA Intake – Essential fatty acids are a must, so be certain to eat foods with high levels of EFAs.

Exercise –
Along with working out to lose weight, some exercises and stretches actually help improve joint flexibility and reduce joint pain. Just getting active in a small way will help.

Use Capsaicin –
When joint pain flare ups occur, using capsaicin cream will help dull the pain.

Cold Packs –
Using cold compresses can help reduce swelling in many cases and will provide some relief from the pain.

These are a few of the ways you can reduce your overall level of pain and start getting the kind of relief that you deserve, even if you're dealing with obesity.

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