Monday, January 18, 2016

Arthritis in the Hands – How to Treat the Arthritis in Your Hands?

For most people, working with their hands is a necessity. So, if they have arthritis in the hands, it means trouble not just for their everyday life, but also for their work life. When you have arthritis in the hands, you have a constant, dull pain in that part of your body. Not only do you have the dull pain with arthritis in the hands, but you can also have a burning sensation, numbness, tingling, and horrible swelling as well. You generally are able to tell if you have arthritis in the hands, but you should still go see your doctor just to make sure it is not something else.

When it comes to treating  arthritis in hand usually the main thing is to control the pain. With arthritis in the hands, you are usually looking at a constant inflammatory problem. Therefore, you will want to take things that serve as anti-inflammatories. You could take over the counter or even doctor recommended treatments. Or you could use some herbal supplements that have the same anti-inflammatory properties for your arthritis in the hands. The only difference is that the herbal supplements are all natural and good for you as long as you take them as directed.

Another thing you can do is use a muscle rub in order to treat the arthritis in the hands. Do not let the name fool you – muscle rub can help you with your arthritis in the hands even though the problem is with the joints and not a muscle issue. Simply rub an ample amount of the muscle rub on your hand joints and let the product do its job. As long as your arthritis in the hands is not too severe a case, you should feel some relief with the muscle rub.

In very severe cases of arthritis in the hands, your doctor may recommend surgery. Of course, this is only done when all other treatment options for the arthritis in the hands have been tried and they have failed. Your doctor will likely want to try everything possible for your arthritis in the hands before surgery is even put on the table. As long as you are diligent with trying each and every option, surgery is likely not going to be in your future. Most people can handle the arthritis in the hands with just pain control, so chances are you will be the same way.

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