Monday, January 4, 2016

The Untold Effects of Psoriatic Arthritis on the Body

Psoriatic arthritis is a type of arthritis and can get chronic. It affects people with psoriasis skin condition. The disorder can make you prone to other ailments that come with it. Researchers are raising awareness of risks related to psoriatic arthritis. A deep screening is required to effectively manage the condition. A study by American college of rheumatology shows that 15% of people suffering psoriasis have a high probability of suffering arthritis. Finding out the effects is important to understanding the condition and help seek medical assistance. Psoriatic arthritis can cause dramatic effects on your body.

1. Behavioral changes
Psoriatic arthritis may cause pain and uneasiness. This affects general mental health. Pain can lead to being uncomfortable and feeling irritated. People with this condition can get frequent mood swings. When people suffering psoriatic arthritis do not access ways to manage it, they get prone to conditions like depression and being embarrassed of their situation. These effects greatly affect their emotional health. In turn, their behavior changes affecting their social life especially when low self-esteem comes in. Encouraging people with this condition to get counseling and accept support from friends will help manage the effects of the disease.

2. Poor Health of the hair, skin and nails
Skin forms the largest organ in our bodies, the organ acts as a screen displaying what is happening inside the body. The health and resilience of the hair and nails are important. They are what make our appearance wonderful.

Psoriasis is a commonly known skin disorder with effects that can impair the health of the skin. The disorder causes red patches on the skin and a dry, rough skin. The skin can also get itchy creating a tendency to scratch. Itching can get unbearable at times. Scratching in public is definitely not a good show. Seeing a doctor will help lessen the itching, this might involve using prescribed creams
Scratching the skin releases ugly whitish flakes. Scratching the scalp cause flakes to form which inhibit healthy hair growth. The nails tend to grow ab

normally and get discolored. This makes your nails unattractive and the issue can get into your nerves. Psoriatic arthritis is permanent; seeking ways in which it can be managed will help.

3. Poor Joint Health
Healthy joints facilitate our movement and aid in performing tasks efficiently. Psoriatic arthritis affects the health of the joints by causing inflammation. Joint inflammation can cause the joints to ache. The joints can also get stiff to allow any movements and they may swell uncontrollably at times. Therapies and regular exercising are needed to give strength to your muscles and make them more flexible.

The affected areas include body joints like the knees and shoulders. Study shows that sore tendons and ligaments that connect to the bones are the most experienced symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. These effects can be managed by exercising in water and undertaking exercises which do not affect your aching joints. A study by the Spondylitis Association of America shows 5% of people suffering psoriatic arthritis can develop arthritis mutilans; this is a more chronic form of arthritis which can result to irreversible disability and deformity of limbs.

4. Impaired Muscle Development
Muscle health is important as it can make the joints inactive. This can be detrimental; we need some movement to be active and to keep up with life. People who suffer psoriatic arthritis should commit themselves in regular exercise as recommended by their physician. Exercise will keep their muscles alive and active.

Arthritis causes chronic inflammation which harm cartilages that support the bones. Its severity leads to weak muscle development.

5. Visual Impairment
Psoriasis can cause inflammation lesions. This can affect your eyesight. Can you imagine losing your eyesight? The answer is obviously a big no. Inflammation triggers visual problems. People with arthritis should consult a doctor when they experience inflammation lesions. Only a rare case of psoriasis can cause eyesight loss.

Taking foods with anti-inflammatory properties can help downplay the damage by psoriasis on your visual health. Most of these foods are natural and have no harm to the body.

6. Auto-immune body response
The auto- immune body response is very important in fighting pathogens. It protects the body against different illness and conditions. Psoriatic arthritis treatment can lead to automatic body immune response that can start fighting the joints. The body immune is only designed to attack external intruders like bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Psoriatic arthritis can attack anyone. People with this condition should seek medical assistance regularly. The disorder can get complicated as it comes with other conditions. At personal level, people with arthritis should live healthy lifestyles. A proper and healthy diet should be incorporated. Moderate exercising has also been found to help. Some effect s from psoriatic arthritis are inevitable. People suffering the condition need support from family, friends and support groups.

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